"Rountree places Elpenor in a modern context; dressed in a ghillie suit he shares the stage with an ice chest, lite beer, and electronic music. His Elpenor doesn’t really fit into an epic narration, any more than thousands of young reservists feel they belong in this country’s great national adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rountree’s piece, while highly entertaining, has a swift undercurrent of sorrow to it. One aches for him, as he seems as oblivious to his approaching doom as a deer on a darkened road, mesmerized by those bright white circles that seem to be growing bigger and bigger. For an imaginative reworking of a classic and an intense committed performance, a gold medal." Ernest Kearney at TVolution CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW (^o^)

"With just a few floor mounted lights, computer generated electronic music, and a few props, Rountree presents a moody, intense and never boring hour of storytelling. He first appears in modern sniper camouflage gear which he strips out of hurriedly when Circe turns him into a pig. His naked, heavily tattooed body shows various cuts of pork like “picnic” and “bacon”. His weariness and homesickness are artfully conveyed. Rountree has created an interesting modern take on the classic tale that casts a spell over his audience." - Rob Stevens at Haines His Way CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW (^o^)