The actor-and-laptop performance art combo MacBeth Pro presents EPIC FAIL, a 60-minute adaptation of The Odyssey accompanied by electronic music. Features original music and text inspired by Emily Wilson's 2017 translation of the Homeric narrative. An exploration of the pains of transformation, feelings of inadequacy, and the desire to break free from the hero's journey.


Elpenor is the least remarkable sea-faring soldier in Odysseus' crew. Having survived countless horrors, including his recent metamorphosis into a pig and back again at the hands of Circe the witch, he dies stupidly when he steps off of Circe's roof while in a drunken stupor. The performance takes place on that roof during the night leading up to Elpenor's fall as he talks to himself, drinks alone, and deejays for the animals in the trees around him.



"Rountree places Elpenor in a modern context; dressed in a gillie suit he shares the stage with an ice chest, lite beer, and electronic music. His Elpenor doesn’t really fit into an epic narration, any more than thousands of young reservists feel they belong in this country’s great national adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rountree’s piece, while highly entertaining, has a swift undercurrent of sorrow to it. His Elpenor is a sweet, if dim-witted soul, who seems desperate to break free of the heroic quest he’s on to return to his job at his home town’s local filling station. For an imaginative reworking of a classic and an intense committed performance, a gold medal."Ernest Kearney at The TVolution

"With just a few floor mounted lights, computer generated electronic music and a few props Rountree presents a moody, intense and never boring hour of storytelling. His weariness and homesickness are artfully conveyed. Rountree has created an interesting modern take on the classic tale that casts a spell over his audience." - Rob Stevens at Haines His Way