American artist working in the Noh tradition using acting, digital recording, and electronic music.

Features chthonic stories and first-person accounts exploring virtual identity, remote intimacy, and severance from nature.


MacBeth Pro is created and produced by Jordan Rountree in Los Angeles, California.




“Noh Theater came into existence at the beginning of the fourteenth century. It is a minimalist theater, using an empty stage, no set and only a few props to suggest whatever reality is being evoked. It has two distinct sub-forms: Noh and Kyogen. The first form, Noh, is a highly stylised masked theater, with ritualistic dance movements, musical accompaniment, a chorus and heightened use of the voice on the part of the actors. Its themes tend to be melancholy, concerned with longing, loss, and the uncertainty of life and love […] The second form in Noh Theater is Kyogen, which is a broad comic style involving elements of farce. The stories are down to earth and the language is more naturalistic, as is the acting style.”

- excerpt from “An Actor’s Tricks” by Yoshi Oida and Lorna Marshall.


adjective. concerning, belonging to, or inhabiting the underworld.